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A fear of the unknown can contribute to uneasiness and anxiety in the lead up to NAPLAN. To help reassure your child, try taking them through the practice tests we have provided below. It is a simple way to give your child the opportunity to see the style of the test before taking it on the day, and the realise that there is no need to be afraid.

The Numeracy test assesses students on fractions, shapes, place value, transformations, maps and locations, and real-world problems. The test format varies, however in general questions are multiple-choice or require a short written response.
We’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources from education departments around the country. Click the links below to find practice tests and answers for your child’s study preparation:


Practice Tests

Year 3 Numeracy Example Test

Year 3 Numeracy Set 1

Year 3 Numeracy Set 2

Year 3 Numeracy Set 3

Year 3 Numeracy Set 4

Year 3 Numeracy Set 5

Year 3 Numeracy Set 6

Year 3 Numeracy Set 7

Year 3 Numeracy Set 8

Year 3 Numeracy Set 9

Year 3 Numeracy Set 10

Year 3 Numeracy Set 12


Online Practice

Keeping children engaged and motivated can be difficult during NAPLAN.  Adding an online resource can keep things interesting. There are resources that include animations, sound, game-like elements, and most importantly, high-quality educational content to ensure your child continues to improve on their regular classroom work while practicing essential NAPLAN skills. Many of these resources are available on iPad, Android devices and of course, your home computer.

Mathletics is a very popular online educational resource, created by the sponsors of this site.  You can click here to find out more and register for 10 days of free access via the Mathletics Guest Pass.