Key Findings
An independent academic study of more than 8,000 schools looking into the impact of Mathletics on NAPLAN results found a significant advantage to schools using Mathletics.

  •  Schools using Mathletics have performed consistently higher in NAPLAN, across Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 since 2008 – by up to 6.7%.
  •  Schools with longer-term usage (> 2yrs) saw an even greater jump in NAPLAN results.
  •  Students see the greatest benefit when they complete on average, two Mathletics activities per week.

Mathletics activities and your NAPLAN results

  • The completion of Mathletics activities by students significantly improves their results compared to students who complete fewer activities or don’t use Mathletics at all.
  • While all years achieve better test scores from undertaking the activities, the highest returns have occurred in Year 9 students.
  • By completing only two activities per week students will achieve an average NAPLAN score that is 9% higher.


The results suggest that using Mathletics has a significant impact on the results of schools in NAPLAN  tests. Students from all cohorts benefit from using the program and gain the greatest benefit when it  is used over a number of years. The more activities students complete, the higher the NAPLAN results tend to be. The study also found that the results of schools, in which an average of 80 activities were completed (by each student), were significantly higher than those in schools that did not use Mathletics. Similarly these results were higher than those of Mathletics schools compared to schools with lower levels of completed activities.

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