NAPLAN Resources

NAPLAN Resources

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The National Numeracy Study

Key Findings An independent academic study of more than 8,000 schools looking into the impact of Mathletics on NAPLAN results found a significant advantage to schools using Mathletics.  Schools using Mathletics have performed consistently higher in NAPLAN, across Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 since 2008 – by up [...]

What Teachers Really Think About Naplan

Mirella and Charlene are teachers and education consultants who met in 2012, growing close over a shared love of Ellen Degeneres and The West Wing. Their professional concern for wanting to “do more” for mathematics education led them to create Education Equals – a pioneering educational space. When it comes [...]

Supporting your child through NAPLAN

If your child is sitting NAPLAN tests this year, here are some steps that will help them prepare for an introduction into formal school testing. Supporting your child with NAPLAN testing is important as it is often a big part of their introduction to formal exam style tests [...]

Putting NAPLAN into perspective

The main objective of the NAPLAN tests is to provide governments, education authorities, schools, teachers and parents with a standardised measure to assess the critical numeracy and literacy skills of young Australians. This helps identify national trends, highlight strengths and weaknesses in current education programs and identify areas [...]